About us

About BulletShield

BulletShield is a provider of bulletproof and nearly-bulletproof Internet services. We support freedom of speech and customer privacy.

BulletShield is right for almost every client.

Need a faster connection? We can help.
Need to host a whistleblower site? We can help.
Need to seed torrents? We can help.
Need to run ZNC? We can help.
Need to stream audio and/or video? We can help.
Need to host legal (18+) pornography? We can help.
Just talk to our support staff, they will recommend the perfect service for you.

We don't care who you are.
We allow anonymous registration.
Only a valid email is required.

Our Guarantee

We will never ask for your address or identification. You remain anonymous.
We will never sell or otherwise reveal your information to any third party.
We will never shut you down unless you violate our rules.
We will always recommend the most appropriate service to help you avoid breaking our rules.