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Goodbye, Ukraine

2018-11-19 12:00

Effective immediately, we will no longer be offering services in Ukraine. This may be bad news for quite a few of our VPS customers, since this was our most popular location, but we strive for the best.

We were originally partnered with Netengi and offering their VPSs in Ukraine and Russia, offering them as the "Free-Speech VPS". It wasn't long before we encountered major problems related to support and invoices. After that, we partnered with HostForY after they told us it was operated by a separate team...this turned out to be a lie and the same problems persisted.

We managed to strike a deal for reseller hosting, which also had extreme problems. Mainly that their default nginx config blocked CSS and JS files. It wasn't until 2 days ago that we discovered that they didn't maintain the service at all, not even bothering to renew the cPanel/WHM license. They still owe us $60 USD for the nearly 2 months of downtime. But don't worry, we've secured a replacement for our shared hosting service.

This marks the 3rd host we're dropping. 1st was AlexHost due to severe downtime. 2nd was Ecatel/Novogara for dishonest practices. And 3rd is Netengi/HostForY for all around poor quality service and for scamming.

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New .SU Domain

2018-07-12 12:00

You may have noticed that we got a new domain name, and are now using for all official business.

We figured a a US-controlled TLD wasn't the best option for a host that mostly specializes in ignoring DMCA requests. Now, with our new .SU domain, we only have to try not to annoy Roscomnadzor. That shouldn't be a huge problem.

Only the domain name (and email address) is changing. The style and everything else will remain the same. The database is unchanged, all active accounts and services are preserved.

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We have made some changes...

2018-06-13 07:11

You may have noticed that the site has gone through some changes. The main site has always used Bootswatch's "Darkly" theme, and now the client area does too. We've also added a link to the client area from the main site.

The client area is also more efficient now, properly loading the JavaScript from the footer instead. We also use a CDN wherever possible in the client area.

Pricing tables on the main site also look much better now.

Many of you likely already know that we use BitMitigate as a DDoS-protecting and caching CDN. We will finally be using the caching feature after we minify all CSS and JavaScript files and smush all images.

You might notice we have replaced all dedicated servers in France to provide better value for money.

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Pay with Bitcoin for the best deal!

2017-12-03 08:15

Here at BulletShield, we care about the privacy of our customers more than selling to the most people. As such, we only accept cryptocurrency payments.

Officially, we only accept Bitcoin. However, with the help of CoinPayments, we can allow you to pay with a few of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Even so, we still only deal with Bitcoin. If you pay with an alternative cryptocurrency, there will be an additional fee to convert to Bitcoin before we receive it.

Paying with Bitcoin will not have this additional fee, since it is the only cryptocurrency we deal with ourselves.

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